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No. 77 Signature Spare Ribs

For anyone following our Instastories you may have seen some of the work that’s currently going into our garden. Theres lots more to do yet but we’re so excited to bring an even more exotic al fresco dining experience to you this summer! With our Thai beer hut and dining area nestled amongst the palms we’re already dreaming of long summer days with Cocktails & Thai BBQ...

As well the garden getting lots of love our Thai chefs have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen to add add some extra deliciousness to the menu!

Their latest creation... No. 77’s Signature Spare Ribs! These Sweet & Sour Sticky Pork Ribs are made with ginger, garlic, hoisin and topped with fresh chill, coriander & spring onions . A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy & a whole lot scrumptious!

This tasty new addition to the menu is not to missed! Available now to eat in or takeaway, just ask for No. 77’s Signature Spare Ribs!

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